106, 107 – I’ve Got a Crush on You, Smart Kids

Double the pleasure, double the fun, right? We hope so! Starting the year off right with a double feature that’s got everything from pyromaniacs, to pyramids, to Metadyne 6, to Monopoly money. What more could you ask for when Lex Luthor schemes to burn down half of Metropolis and then manages to dope some kidsContinue reading “106, 107 – I’ve Got a Crush on You, Smart Kids”

209 – Season’s Greedings (Atomic Christmas Edition)

Now, we know we agreed “No gifts” this year, but we just couldn’t resist. We are breaking our season 1 rhythm to cover the Dean Cain-penned “Season’s Greedings,” because it’s our show, and it’s Christmas, and Superman pulls a sleigh through the sky!!  I mean, what more could you possibly want for Christmas?! This week, weContinue reading “209 – Season’s Greedings (Atomic Christmas Edition)”

104,105 – I’m Looking Through You, Requiem For a Super Hero

  In this episode, we are changing up the style and tackling two episodes at a time! While Superman fights off invisible men and cyborg boxers, we discuss all things Lois & Clark, lucid dreams, and much more. Listen below on Soundcloud or on the iTunes store. Don’t forget to rate any review us!

Daily Planet Exclusive with Bryce Zabel

In our first official Lois & Clark’d interview, we sit down with writer and supervising producer Bryce Zabel and discuss his work on the first season of the show! He gives some awesome insight into what it took to make Lois & Clark what it was and we are so lucky to have gotten himContinue reading “Daily Planet Exclusive with Bryce Zabel”