Smallville “Pilot” Summer Screening

The first in our Summer Screening series is the methodically plotted treat that is the Smallville series pilot. Joined by Smallville fanboy Justin Miller, we have a great time dissecting this decidedly “fresh” take on the Superman myth, all the while spoiling much of the ensuing 10 seasons for perpetual novice, Ryan. Also, shout outContinue reading “Smallville “Pilot” Summer Screening”

120/121 – Barbarians at the House of Luthor SEASON FINALE SPECTACULAR!!

Well FOLCs, we made it to the end of the first season! We are officially a quarter of the way done with the show. But don’t worry, we are just getting started! When Lex Luthor commits insurance fraud and plants a bomb in order to neg Lois Lane into marrying him, Clark, Superman, Perry, Jimmy,Continue reading “120/121 – Barbarians at the House of Luthor SEASON FINALE SPECTACULAR!!”