214 – Top Copy aka Cop Topy aka Topy Copy (with Laurie-Anne Collins)

WE’RE BACK for more season 2 shenanigans, and so is our awesome guest, Laurie Collins. Talking everything from the mutable properties of kryptonite, to why Laurie’s brothers really wanted to watch all those Raquel Welch movies when they were kids. Good to be back, ya’ll!

L&C’d Writer’s Table – “Funny Pages”/”Silence of the Lex” Break Session

We’re trying something new for this mid-season hiatus episode, where the two of us sat down and tried to break a story for a lost episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. We work through ideas like mermaid girlfriends, Cat Grant’s return, and Champagne Dog before settling on a mixture of twoContinue reading “L&C’d Writer’s Table – “Funny Pages”/”Silence of the Lex” Break Session”

306 – Supermom Special/ Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape (with Lynne Truex)

It’s “Bring Your Mom To Fake-Work” Day here at Lois & Clark’d! Matt sits down with Lynne Truex and asks her why she watched the show with him in the first place. Sherman Oaks real estate, General Hospital, Desilu Studios, Star Trek, and Pierce Brosnan are also discussed at length.  

210 – Metallo (with Jacqi Inouye)

Lucy Lane’s boyfriend is heartless. GET IT?! Shut up, that was funny. Crazy-talented artist and self-taught DC nerd Jacqi Inouye takes her first look at L&C and comes away with a smile. Check out Jacqi’s work on Instagram (@jacqi.inouye) and try to get her to draw a Dean Superman, would you? Also, sorry I toldContinue reading “210 – Metallo (with Jacqi Inouye)”

A Dean Cain’d Christmas-Cast: Small Town Santa Edition (with Dan Hill)

Twas the podcast ‘fore Christmas and all through the scene, Not a creature was acting, not even the Dean… We teased it for years and it’s finally here! Dan Hill joins us again for an exciting look at the Dean Cain-led Christmas fable, Small Town Santa. We rag on a cheap movie, compliment the cheapContinue reading “A Dean Cain’d Christmas-Cast: Small Town Santa Edition (with Dan Hill)”