Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Our Spoiler-tastic Review)

SPOILERS!!! If you haven’t seen this movie yet, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! For real, we didn’t hold anything back. Much like this movie! If you couldn’t tell, we’ve been waiting a long time to talk about this movie and we were so glad to be joined by Carolina Martinez and new guest JustinContinue reading “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Our Spoiler-tastic Review)”

115 – Ides of Metropolis (with Christine Bartolucci)

Terrible passwords and a wrongful conviction lead to the downfall of Metropolis, and soon the world?! Fan, photographer, and wonderful podcast guest Christine Bartolucci joins us to talk about loving Lois & Clark as we dive into this pretty great episode! Edited by Carolina Martinez. Check out Christine’s photography skills at and follow her on InstagramContinue reading “115 – Ides of Metropolis (with Christine Bartolucci)”

Daily Planet Exclusive with Tracy Scoggins

We take a trip to Cat’s Corner and talk with the incredibly talented Tracy Scoggins about her time as the Daily Planet’s own Cat Grant! Tracy was so kind to sit down with us and share some awesome stories about her many roles, careers, and misadventures, not to mention prove her own geek bonafides asContinue reading “Daily Planet Exclusive with Tracy Scoggins”

112 – All Shook Up

Superman saves the planet from an asteroid. Sound familiar? That’s cause he did it already! In black and white! We take the opportunity to look back at the George Reeves series to see how it compares to this Bryce Zabel adaptation. Plus, Lex does some weird fan art of Lois’s apartment and Lois kisses Superman AGAIN! This episodeContinue reading “112 – All Shook Up”