209 – Season’s Greedings (Atomic Christmas Edition)

Now, we know we agreed “No gifts” this year, but we just couldn’t resist. We are breaking our season 1 rhythm to cover the Dean Cain-penned “Season’s Greedings,” because it’s our show, and it’s Christmas, and Superman pulls a sleigh through the sky!!  I mean, what more could you possibly want for Christmas?! This week, we are joined by the ever-charming Carolina Martinez, who also edited this episode together so we could get it up in time for Christmas Eve. Plus, we shout out to some fans we’ve heard from, talk a little Star Wars, Justice League, and more along the way.  Thank you all for listening and coming along on this crazy, Kryptonian ride with us so far.  Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Published by Matt Truex

No, you're the nerd!

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