Awesome news FOLC’s! If you are in the LA area, you had better be planning a trip to the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on February 28th to meet the incomparable TRACY SCOGGINS! She will be signing autographs and meeting fans all day so mark your calendars because this will be too much fun to miss! We couldn’t be more excited that Tracy will be in the area and can’t wait for a chance to meet her in person ourselves! Check out the convention’s website here!

Tracy Scoggins and some guy.

And while we are on the subject of Ms. Scoggins, guess who we had the pleasure of interviewing for the podcast. Good guess! I feel like we landed on the Moon, only way better because we didn’t have to train for years and Tracy Scoggins was there! That episode will be up early March so keep an eye out and hope you all enjoy our conversation with Tracy half as much as we! See you at the convention!!

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