Danskin Superman

Talking a lot this week about Superman’s costume, but this early in the show, it is a pretty noticeable problem.  The costume they wind up with down the line is perfect, but the first few episodes of Lois & Clark feature some very distinct permutations of the duds.  The most egregious being a costume I like to refer to as “Danskin Superman.”


Supposedly the problem with this suit lies in the cape design.  The way it hangs stiffly on his shoulders meant it was literally incapable of lifting the neckline any higher than it did, resulting in way too much chest for any respectable Superman. Thankfully, the look is gone by the fifth episodes, reappearing after that in just a few inserted flying shots, but it certainly leaves a mark. The crazy thing is that it is featured in a ton of the promotional photos from season one, which means they must have believed in it for a short time.  What are your thoughts on Danskin Superman?


Published by Matt Truex

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